Prometheus Medical has recently facilitated First Response Emergency Care training for the humanitarian charity Serve On. They operate crisis response in the UK and abroad to help people at the time of their greatest need.

The dedicated Serve On volunteers that support the charity’s efforts undergo a selection process, and we are proud to have provided training to help them save more lives.

Undertaking our Qualsafe accredited First Response Emergency Care (FREC) Level 3 award involves practical training to offer the emergency responder an enhanced medical capability to deal with a casualty in trauma or medical emergency. The course is tailored to the specific needs of each organisation and focuses on the provision of effective trauma medical management in all environments and industries.

Serve On chose Prometheus Medical to provide the FREC 3 course on-site at our purpose-built facility in Hereford due to previous successful training courses with us. When asked why they claimed we “have a great industry reputation on delivering training and making it relevant to the candidates”.

Initially set up to give a new purpose to former military personnel, Serve On volunteers are now selected from all walks of life, aged from 14 to 65+ and comprised of current and previous professions from emergency services responders and nurses to carpenters and electricians.

The volunteers use their experience and skills to create rescue teams, including the International Response Team, Community Resilience Teams, Rescue Rookies and Dog Rescue Team. They also mentor young, marginalised or disadvantaged members of their community and we are keen to help promote the valuable work they do at home and beyond. Contributing to the charity with various functions from ”boots on the ground” aid to management support services, the students were highly engaged throughout the training, and our instructor commented that it was a “very enjoyable course to teach”.

We were thrilled to hear in the post-training feedback that the students enjoyed their time with us, stating that “the course was tailored to deal with scenarios that we as Dog Handlers would deal with along with day-to-day First Responder scenarios. Our instructor was incredibly knowledgeable and approachable, with a wealth of hands-on experience. In addition, we found that all the Prometheus Medical staff we dealt with were very helpful and made everything very easy”.

Funded by individual donations, the Department For Transport and the People’s Postcode Lottery, among a handful of other organisations, monetary support of any amount is valuable to this privately financed organisation. We implore you to donate if you can and help this awe-inspiring charity to continue its crucial work. Make your donation at here.