Consultancy Sectors

Prometheus Medical work across multiple business sectors as trusted consultants in medical risk management and mitigation, bolstering your occupational health and safety and organisational resilience.

We provide the most current legislative medical advice to companies, organisations and government bodies to mitigate the risk of litigation and ensure preparedness and resilience, protecting your organisations reputation.

Medical Legislation Compliance

Prometheus Medical provides expert advice that ensures medical risk management and risk mitigation protocols are robust and up to date. We identify, manage, and monitor critical medical risks and ensure protocols are continuously monitored and improved.

High-risk sectors are increasingly scrutinised by regulatory bodies. Partnering with Prometheus Medical supports your decision-making and elevates compliance:

  • Reduce risk across areas
  • Mitigate litigation risk
  • Protect human capital
  • Minimize business interruption/downtime
  • Protect shareholder value
  • Safeguard reputation

Our Sectors

We consult extensively, including in the following sectors delivering both sustained support packages and one-off assignments. Our clients engage us because we are trusted to promote health and well-being, and preserve life in the face of varied and complex medical needs:

  • Energy: Renewables, Extractables including Oil and Gas, and Nuclear
  • Industry: Manufacturing and Engineering
  • Protection: Security and Defence
  • Media: Digital, Broadcast and Print
  • Emergency Services
  • Executive / Luxury Travel
  • Maritime
  • Remote: Expedition or Exploration

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