Clinical Governance

Clinical governance is how your organisation stays accountable and effective in your healthcare responsibilities. It is your framework for establishing and maintaining clinical excellence, and safeguards staff, customers, the public and responders.

Ultimately, Clinical Governance safeguards the interests of patients and responders in addition to your corporate reputation and liability.

Without suitable structures and protocols in place, there is the risk of adverse patient outcomes, direct claims against individual responders, litigation, and negative reputational, financial and legal consequences.

We scope, implement and run clinical governance programmes for public and private global organisations. We provide clinical support, develop standard operating procedures and give advice –all of which limit your risk and help protect your people and reputation.

We ensure the right personnel, with the proper training, do the right things at the right time. So your practices stand up to the closest scrutiny in the case of an emergency.

To evaluate the positive impact of our work with you, we run no-notice exercises to test your team’s understanding and uncover any gaps in medical response before an emergency happens.

Consultancy – stages of review:

  • Needs analysis
  • Procedural audit
  • Report of findings
  • Tailored medical management plan issued

Medical Risk Management

Global businesses and organisations partner with Prometheus Medical to protect their staff with injury prevention protocols and mitigate liability with effective risk management.

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Consultancy Sectors

Prometheus Medical work across multiple business sectors as trusted consultants in medical risk management and mitigation, bolstering your occupational health and safety and organisational resilience.

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About Us

Prometheus Medical delivers world-class medical consultancy services, strategic advice, deployed clinical care, accredited training and medical equipment. For nearly 20 years, we have been tailoring our support to each unique client’s needs.

Reachback Remote Medicine

Reachback Remote Medical Support

Reachback guarantees you access to UK consultant-level clinicians – specialists in emergency and trauma medicine – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. There is no switchboard, no time on hold, just a direct connection to world-class remote medical assistance.