Risk Management | On-site Medics for Business

Prometheus Medical is a trusted source of medical risk management consultancy services for businesses and organisations across all sectors deploying on-site medics for one-off events or long-term contracts. We deploy specialist medics worldwide ensuring your organisation has a qualified clinician familiar with your sector and setting.

Each case is unique, but in general, a Prometheus On-site Deployed Medic can:

  • Assess and manage medical and trauma emergencies
  • Provide primary care, assess and manage minor ailments and injuries
  • Implement clinical governance structures to minimise medical risk
  • Review, oversee and manage medical supplies and equipment
  •  Have access to prescription services for primary care scenarios

Prometheus On-site Deployed Medics also have access to our remote medical service called Reachback.

On-site Medics |Experience

Prometheus medics are highly trained, accredited and experienced clinicians, selected to suit the size and nature of the task involved.

This could include experience in:

  • Providing care in remote locations
  • Tropical medicine and infectious diseases
  • VIP client care
  • Advanced life support
  • Delivering first aid and first responder training

On-site Medics | Medical Kit

All Prometheus medics are deployed with a full medical kit that includes items for ventilation and airway management, monitoring and defibrillation, remote cardiac monitoring, patient immobilisation, haemorrhage control and infection control as well as vascular access, primary healthcare and other advanced equipment.

On-site Medics | Clinical Governance & Oversight

Prometheus medics work within our robust clinical governance framework, which includes comprehensive SOPs, clinical guidelines, senior clinical oversight, review, audit, and training. All elements are overseen by our Medical Management Team. Your on-site medic has 24/7 access to Prometheus Reachback telemedical support, which provides direct access to senior emergency consultants in the event that they need immediate clinical advice.

On-site Medics | Replacement

Should the medic become unwell or be unable to perform their duties, a replacement can be deployed swiftly.

On-site Medics | Rotation

Deployed medics are rotated for wellbeing, and to ensure all have the opportunity to update their medical skills. Rotations are managed smoothly, with no disruption to service provision and keeping costs to a minimum.


Medical Risk Management

Global businesses and organisations partner with Prometheus Medical to protect their staff with injury prevention protocols and mitigate liability with effective risk management.

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Consultancy Sectors

Prometheus Medical work across multiple business sectors as trusted consultants in medical risk management and mitigation, bolstering your occupational health and safety and organisational resilience.

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About Us

Prometheus Medical delivers world-class medical consultancy services, strategic advice, deployed clinical care, accredited training and medical equipment. For nearly 20 years, we have been tailoring our support to each unique client’s needs.

Reachback Remote Medicine

Reachback Remote Medical Support

Reachback guarantees you access to UK consultant-level clinicians – specialists in emergency and trauma medicine – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. There is no switchboard, no time on hold, just a direct connection to world-class remote medical assistance.