Consultancy Process

Our expert clinicians, with current experience in your field, will follow an established and comprehensive process to identify and mitigate medical risk within your organisation. We will provide you with a range of outputs, including standard policies and procedures, 24/7 Reachback telemedicine, tailored training and equipment review to ensure we protect your people, your customers, your reputation and enhance the successful operation of your organisation.

Needs Analysis

Our first step is to work out your needs.
A comprehensive audit looks at your requirements, current medical kit, and capabilities from every possible angle. The process will vary depending on your needs.

It usually follows these stages:

  • Discovery: An in-depth discussion with people in charge to understand expectations.
  • Site visit: Site visits for a first-hand feel for how things are working now.
  • Desktop review: We stay informed about changing clinical, corporate and political landscapes and pass that knowledge on to you.

Procedural Audit

  • Assessment of all current documentation, planning and standard operating procedures
  • Review clinical practices and documentation
  • Review of liability and mitigators
  • Equipment inventory
  • Catalogue training history and schedule
  • Evaluate liaisons across the business
  • Test medical evacuation provisions

Report of Findings

We create a presentation and a report of our findings, all overseen by our Chief Medical Officer. This 360-degree audit establishes how well your current setup meets your medical management needs, identifies gaps, and recommends solutions.

Tailored Medical Management Plan

We create a plan to fill the gaps. Each bespoke medical management plan generally covers the three critical areas of governance, training and equipment and may also include enhanced support like our Medical Advisory Board, Reachback telemedicine service, deployed medic provision or medical evacuation.


Medical Risk Management

Global businesses and organisations partner with Prometheus Medical to protect their staff with injury prevention protocols and mitigate liability with effective risk management.

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Prometheus Medical work across multiple business sectors as trusted consultants in medical risk management and mitigation, bolstering your occupational health and safety and organisational resilience.

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About Us

Prometheus Medical delivers world-class medical consultancy services, strategic advice, deployed clinical care, accredited training and medical equipment. For nearly 20 years, we have been tailoring our support to each unique client’s needs.

Reachback Remote Medicine

Reachback Remote Medical Support

Reachback guarantees you access to UK consultant-level clinicians – specialists in emergency and trauma medicine – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. There is no switchboard, no time on hold, just a direct connection to world-class remote medical assistance.