Prometheus is a Qualsafe Awards registered provider of First Response Emergency Care Level 3 RQF and Qualsafe Awards FREC 3 Requalification.


What is FREC 3?

FREC 3 will teach you the life-saving skills and techniques of a first responder within a pre-hospital scenario.

FREC 3 is suitable for people who require First Aid training  or above: people with medical responsibility at work, or in voluntary and community activities. FREC 3 is also the entry-level stage of the First Response Emergency Care (FREC) pathway.

How will I learn?

We put great emphasis on the “hands-on” aspects of course training, creating true-to-life medical simulations, helping you learn through immersive practical sessions.

Experience as close to genuine patient trauma care as possible – using SIMBODIES™, our ultra-realistic manikins, crafted with outstanding attention to detail, ensuring that every human feature necessary is replicated in your training.

Train with award-winning medical equipment, as used by Ambulance Services and Armed Forces globally.

Why train with us?

All Prometheus Medical instructors are active, clinically current practitioners, meaning candidates will benefit from the most up-to-date medical knowledge.

Where will I learn?

At our purpose-built Herefordshire Campus or, for group bookings, your site if you prefer.


£580 Excluding VAT

Professional Pathways

FREC 3 is the entry-level stage of the First Responder Emergency Care (FREC) pathway, enabling a “first responder” to administer pre-hospital emergency care.

FREC 3 is part of a progressive pathway of courses, culminating in a Level 5 Diploma in First Response Emergency and Urgent Care (RQF) (FREUC 5), which is used to progress careers within the emergency services, ambulance services, healthcare settings, and supports specialist medical roles within high-risk workplaces including law enforcement, security, energy and utilities, construction and military.

FREC 3 Skills Framework and Progression

FREC 3 provides the non-healthcare professional with pre-hospital knowledge and practical skills, fulfilling the competencies set out in the PHEM skills framework at descriptor level D.

Candidates with First Person on Scene Intermediate (FPOSi)  will be able to undertake the FREC 3 Requalification and FPOSi can also be used as part of the Entry criteria for FREC 4.

FREC 3 Requalification

Both FREC 3 and FPOSi are valid for 3 years: after they expire the learner needs to take a FREC 3 Requalification to remain qualified.

ELCAS Approved

Our training courses will support your next career move if you leave the Armed Forces.
We are an approved learning provider for the Ministry of Defence (MOD) and a member of their Enhanced Learning Credits Scheme (ELCAS). We accept enhanced learning credits for the First Response Emergency Care (FREC) 3 & 4 medical training courses.


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Course Overview & Learning Outcomes

Duration: 5 Days

Your course will teach you the roles and responsibilities of a first responder within the pre-hospital scenario. On completion you will:

  1. Understand the role and responsibilities of a first responder
  2. Be able to assess an incident
  3. Be able to assess and manage patients with life-threating and nonlife-threatening illness and injuries
  4. Be able to assess a patient’s airway
  5. Be able to manage a patient’s airway
  6. Be able to manage an unresponsive patient who is not breathing normally
  7. Be able to safely use an AED during a resuscitation attempt and how to maintain an AED ready for use
  8. Be able to administer emergency oxygen
  9. Be able to assess and manage trauma patients
  10. Be able to assess and manage catastrophic bleeding
  11. Be able to assess and manage chest injuries
  12. Be able to assess and manage bleeding
  13. Be able to assess and manage a patient with compromised circulation
  14. Know how to assess and manage wounds and eye injuries
  15. Know how to assess and manage a patient with burns or scalds
  16. Know how to manage a patient with sudden poisoning
  17. Be able to provide emergency care to a patient with head, spinal and musculoskeletal injuries
  18. Know how to identify a patient experiencing breathing difficulties
  19. Know how to manage a patient experiencing breathing difficulties
  20. Know how to manage a patient with anaphylaxis
  21. Know how to assess and manage a patient with suspected major illness
  22. Know how to manage a patient who is actively convulsing
  23. Understand how to provide emergency care for the effects of environmental exposure

There are 6 practical assessments, 3 theory assessments and 1 invigilated exam.

Course Details Brochure

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£580 Excluding VAT

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Train with the best

Our training helps you to retain the key skills you need to save a life and be confident of deploying them effectively under pressure. Prometheus instructors train the best: elite military personnel, emergency services, multiple industry sectors, and helicopter emergency medical crews globally. You will benefit from that same expertise.

Course Accreditors

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