Simulation Training

Prometheus Medical offers a range of simulation options to support our immersive training, providing an interactive learning experience of unrivalled fidelity.
Prometheus Medical uses SIMBODIES®, a sister company, to ensure training is as exact and immersive as possible. SIMBODIES® manikins replicate the human anatomy with incredible detail and authenticity. Each SIMBODIES® manikin is hand-produced, using the highest quality prosthetic grade silicones, simulating the look and feel of human skin with outstanding precision, ensuring each feature and part of the human anatomy trained with is accurate.

TruBODIES™ Reanimated Tissue Training (RTT)

TruBODIES™ Reanimated Tissue Training (RTT) is the most realistic trauma training experience available short of treating a live patient. RTT is not your typical perfused cadaver – it is so much more. Using a proprietary pulsatile-flow cadaver perfusion system, emergency professionals can experience an anatomically correct model with a hyper-realistic vascular system that responds to treatments like a living trauma patient.