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Prometheus Launches New Nightingale Dressing

Prometheus Medical is pleased to announce the launch of its latest technical innovation for care in hostile environments, the Nightingale Dressing ™.  This occlusive wound dressing has a number of applications but is particularly suited to the management of penetrating chest trauma.  The dressing has great adherence (even with a heavily perspiring casualty) thanks to its innovative structure and composition.   Its breathable design helps protect the adherence of the gel when the skin is damp and allows the dressing to remain adherent, often for many hours.  In recent tests it easily outmatched its competitors in a variety of challenging situations.

Of further benefit, the Nightingale Dressing ™ is latex-free, the material used is tried and tested in other medical applications, and the dressing carries the CE mark. 

At 15cm x 20cm, the Nightingale Dressing ™ is much larger than most other chest seals, helping to improve adherence and provide the ability to cover larger wounds.  The Nightingale Dressing ™ does not have a valve, so the user must be capable of diagnosing and managing tension pneumothorax.  The development of a non-valve highly adherent dressing was in response to our customers who struggled to make traditional chest seals stick adequately and who wanted something simple, quick and reliable to use in emergency situations.  The Nightingale Dressing ™ does this and more.  Why stick with a dressing that doesn’t stick? 

The Nightingale Dressing ™ is available as a single dressing or as a box of 50.

  • Quick and Simple
  • Excellent adherent properties
  • Latex-free
  • CE marked

Nightingale Dressing ™ - Sticks and Stays Stuck!