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Prometheus Lacuna Bergan features on Joint-Forces.com

22nd July 2019

Prometheus Medical recently attended the 2019 Defence and Security Expo, exhibiting some of our best pre-hospital trauma care devices and equipment. Whilst there, the Prometheus stand caught the attention of Bob Morrison, who has since published a review feature article on the military orientated web forum, 'Joint-Forces.com'. 

The article, detailing features of the Prometheus Lacuna Rapid Access Medical Bergan and the Prometheus Bleed Control Kit also provides readers with a brief insight into our Herefordshire based company, noting our subsidiaries across Europe, the Middle East, South Africa, and Australia. Yet, perhaps most beneficial for online readers of Joint-Forces.com, the article features a brief and concise video of Prometheus' Defence and Security Sales Manager, Richard Smith (Smudge), demonstrating the Lacuna Bergan's unique entry system, allowing for rapid, clear, and comprehensive access to the first aid/trauma kit found inside. 

Morrison also chooses to mention one of Prometheus' most recent products: the Prometheus Bleed Control Kit. Produced in partnership with The Daniel Baird Foundation, the Bleed Control Kit is designed to enable civilians and medically trained individuals alike to control and stop severe bleeding, whilst aiming to increase chances of survival following life-threatening external heamorrhaging. 

Thank you to Joint-Forces.com for featuring us on their website. 

Click here to view the article from Joint-Forces.com.