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Military Health System Research Symposium 2012

Prometheus Medical was pleased to attend the Military Health System Research Symposium (MHSRS) from the 13-16 August 2012. Formerly known as ATACCC, the MHSRS event, held in Florida, provides a sustainable, tri-service, academic-based venue for the distribution and discussion of new scientific knowledge resulting from military-unique research and development.

As successful exhibitors in 2011, Prometheus decided to attend as Delegate’s this year, with Dr Malcolm Russell and Kevin Gallagher visiting the conference each day. Malcolm and Kevin greatly enjoyed the educational content of the MHSRS conference and were pleased to attend a number of interesting meetings with Prometheus’ key partners in the United States. Malcolm and Kevin also received a lot of very positive feedback from a number of US healthcare providers about The Russell Chest Seal™, which was extremely exciting to hear about!