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Follow The Fire Engine Survives Prometheus Adventure!

The Follow the Fire Engine (FTFE) Crew  spent a weekend in Herefordshire and attended the Surviving AdventureTM course, which was donated as part of Prometheus' sponsorship package to support them on their 25,000 mile journey, through 27 countries, over 7 months.

This is our two day course that gives individuals with little or no medical experience, the confidence and understanding to react and manage an emergency medical situation when travelling off the beaten track or in a remote environment.

The crew also camped under canvas on Saturday night in preparation for the expedition with some sleeping better than others. During the night the crew kept guard of various objects on rotation which meant staggered sleep times and being woken in the middle of the night to keep watch over amongst other things a walking stick. This was to simulate life on the expedition when the crew may need to take in turns to keep watch over their possessions. They were delighted that they successfully completed this task despite the best efforts of our instructors!

FTFE reported that the weekend has gone down in the memory of everyone who attended as one of the most useful, rewarding, exhilarating and enjoyable courses and weekends they have ever been on.

They made special mention of the welcome, support, patience, motivation and good humour of all the instructors, saying that the weekend was incredible,  and the structure of the course and the weekend ensured that the FTFE crew also bonded further as a team.

All the crew are now holders of the HSE Emergency First Aid at Work Certificate.

If you would like to book a place on one of our Surviving Adventure courses please click on the courses link at the top of the page.