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Ambu® Man Advanced

The AmbuMan Advanced is Ambu’s latest training manikin generation, which is made to fulfil all the needs of Advanced Life Support (ALS) -Training. The focus of the manikins is on the algorithm; Airway Management, ECG simulation, defibrillation.

The Ambu Manikin Management Module is the central interface, where all data and information come together: compression depth, correct hand position, ventilation volume, stomach inflation. Using AmbuMan Advanced, you can create custom scenarios and adapt them perfectly to different course concepts. The AmbuMan Advanced is the ALS training manikin for professionals.

Key Features

  • Individually programmable scenarios
  • High flexibility by operating system-independent access and control
  • Parallel multiple access of various devices for visualisation of the performance
  • Display of a realistic patient monitor with 12-lead ECG
  • Custom programming of ECG rhythms possible
  • Play sound i.e. respiratory sounds
  • Training of airway management


  • Dimensions
    165cm full body length
  • Weight

Product Code

  • A284 417 000