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Prometheus FullStop® Tourniquet

The Prometheus FullStop® tourniquet is a lightweight, durable tourniquet that has been shown to successfully occlude arterial blood flow. Made from high-strength materials, the FullStop® is durable, and can perform in the most extreme conditions including mud, sand and water. 

Similar to a pressure dressing, the hook-and-loop, elasticated design works by increasing circumferential pressure with each sequential wrap. Intuitive to use, the Prometheus FullStop® is a tourniquet which can be applied single-handedly to small and large limbs.

Key Features

  • Intuitive, easily applied single handed
  • Quick application
  • Effective on small and large limbs
  • Effective in extreme conditions
  • Low profile
  • Difficult to accidentally dislodge - yet easily removed by user
  • Does not contain any natural rubber latex
  • Lightweight - 135g
  • Available in both Hi-Vis Yellow & Tactical Black


  • Dimensions
    13cm x 5.5cm x 7cm
  • Weight
  • Weight (Full Pack)

Product Code

  • PDF181 (Hi-Vis)
  • PDF180 (Black)