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Prometheus Trauma Dressing (PTD)

The Prometheus Trauma Dressing (PTD) is designed to control moderate bleeding. Being smaller than most packs, it easily fits into medical bags and kits and is ideal for the tactical environment. Hook strips, which adhere to stretch compression bandage, prevent the elastic roll from accidentally unravelling and secure the bandage throughout the application process. The large low-adherent pad combined with the stretch wrap provides truly effective compression.


Key Features

  • Low-adherent absorbent pad (17cm x 10cm)
  • Elastic wrap with built-in hook control strips
  • Mechanical stretch wrap to bind the wound (150cm x 10cm)
  • Low profile packaging ideal for tactical environments
  • Does not contain natural rubber latex
  • 5 year shelf life


  • Dimensions
    11cm x 7cm (packed)
  • Weight

Product Code

  • PDF160