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Product Information

Prometheus ChitoGauze® XR Pro

Prometheus ChitoGauze® XR Pro has evolved from Tricol’s highly effective ChitoGauze® dressing. It now features a radio-opaque strip making the dressing easy to identify during X-Ray investigation. Prometheus ChitoGauze® XR Pro is a haemostatic gauze dressing designed to control moderate to very severe haemorrhage.

Tricol has one of the best reputations in the development of haemostatic agents, with the famous and long-established “4x4 Tricol” dressing. Prometheus ChitoGauze® XR Pro represents the latest generation of topical wound haemostatic agents from Tricol.

Prometheus ChitoGauze® XR Pro readily conforms to a wide range of wound profiles, allowing easy wound packing and rapid control of bleeding. The chitosan is impregnated through the dressing, and specifically designed to limit particle shedding into the wound, unlike other currently available dressings.

With its reputation in providing leading solutions for pre-hospital trauma care, Prometheus Medical has worked closely with Tricol to ensure that Prometheus ChitoGauze® XR Pro is delivered in optimal form for operational use. We believe Prometheus ChitoGauze® XR Pro is the best topical haemostatic agent available anywhere today.

Key Features

  • Haemostatic chitosan impregnated gauze
  • X-Ray opaque strip
  • Controls severe bleeding fast
  • Gauze-like dressing, flexible and conformable to tissue surfaces
  • No powders or granules
  • Safe and effective
  • Z-folded in sterile package for ease of application
  • Intuitive application


  • Dimensions
    7.5cm x 3.70m
  • Weight

Product Code

  • FA0958