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Dr Alastair Nicol


Dr Alastair Nicol is a Consultant in Sport and Exercise Medicine and has particular expertise in planning and co-ordination of medical support operations, including Humanitarian Assistance operations. He has worked with a wide variety of specialist medical units within the British Army and has many years of experience in planning and delivering both emergency and primary health care to some of the UK's most elite soldiers in remote areas around the globe. Dr Nicol is a highly regarded instructor, innovating, directing and teaching on a variety of pre-hospital emergency care and sports medicine courses in the UK and abroad. His extensive expertise in sports medicine makes him ideal to work with civilian expeditions, outdoor sports and adventure travellers.

Dr Nicol has also worked in elite sport for many years and has been a Team Doctor at eight major multi-sport Games, including the recent 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio with Team GB and the last three Commonwealth Games with Team Scotland. His main sport is rugby, and having been Team Doctor for Scotland ‘A’ for several years, he is now a Match Day Doctor at both Murrayfield and Twickenham. He was also appointed as Match Day Doctor for the Rugby World Cup Final in November, 2015.

His most recent expeditions include high altitude trekking in Nepal, dog-sledding in the Arctic Circle, trekking up the Skeleton Coast in Namibia and mountaineering in Bolivia, so he is well qualified as the Course Director of the ExpeMed Course.