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VIPER Refresher Course (FPOSi Refresher)

Course Overview

The two-day VIPER™ Course provides the emergency responder with an enhanced level of medical capability to deal with a casualty in a trauma or a medical emergency.  The course focuses on the provision of effective trauma management in all environments particularly in a hostile or tactical environment.  Training is ideal for those working in VIP protection, close protection, private security and specialist agencies (e.g. Diplomatic Protection), and provides the FPOS (Intermediate) award for Security Industry Authority (SIA) Licence.


The VIPER™ Refresher Course is a two-day course designed for students wishing to renew their VIPER or FPOS (Intermediate) qualification. 

Entry Criteria

FPOS (Intermediate) qualification is required.  Please note that you will be required to send proof of previous FPOS (Intermediate) certification before commencement of the course.

Course Content

As with all Prometheus courses, the emphasis is on short lectures, high instructor to student ratios, supervised practical skill sessions, and scenario-based moulages.  This course covers all of the competencies required for certification as well as training in tactical medical support and a systematic approach to the management of trauma.  The syllabus includes: 

  • Tactical medical support
  • Trauma management
  • Novel haemostatic agent workshop
  • Airway management
  • Adult Basic Life Support & AED
  • Disability (Head Injuries)
  • Minor illness & injury
  • Medical emergencies            
  • Basic medical planning
  • Extensive scenario-based practical skills training    


Two days.


At Prometheus residential training facility in Hope-under-Dinmore, Herefordshire.  Bespoke courses also available at a requested venue convenient to you.

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