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Prometheus Ski Trip 2017 - Day 3

Day 3

First breakfast of the trip out of the way everyone headed for the first full day on the slopes. Even the advance party got a morning on the hill. Great start with sunshine again, but it did get overcast in the afternoon and with it significantly colder. Temperatures have been mild, with 2-4C in the day and -10C at night.

After the morning session the advance party returned to the car park to find the Discovery boxed in. An illegally parked UK car had closed the escape route but thanks to some Spanish skiers moving their car out from one space over the Land Rover broke free.

Up on the hill speed records were set in the afternoon – until it was noticed that the 65+ was in fact kmph not mph – oh how very European. A good day all round and the last run down is straight into the pub. That’s proper planning.

A more reserved night in the bar meant earlier dinner and a night of entertaining games over beer and Port. The first full day was a success, and no trouble for anyone to get to sleep.