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Prometheus Ski Trip 2017 - Day 2

Day 2

We awoke to a perfect sunny morning. The slopes were going to be open, although the snow was still a bit thin for the time of year. The car was too full to shop in the morning so the day started with admin. Contacts for Team Fusion, the Chalet and ski hire were all made. We were able to get into the Chalet Kiana after 1000 and so all the advance luggage was off loaded and then back into the centre of the village to meet Team 1 arriving by mini bus from Geneva airport.

Another baggage run for all the carryon luggage up to the chalet as everyone went to hire ski’s and boots, followed by taking Team 1 the quick trip up the hill to change at the Chalet and then down to the slopes in time for the afternoon session. The lifts don’t start until 1300 for half days and all of Team 1 were in location by 1308.

Then onto the first major shopping trip to “Super U” which had the most amazing views from a supermarket car park – you could almost see Mont Blanc. We stopped once the car was full and then back up the mountain to start organising luggage, rooms, beds etc and straight into the first nights cooking while Team 1, who had a very good start on the slopes with sun and no queues, did a recce to see if the bar at the base of the slopes still served beer. 

A good night followed with food, games and some more drinks, but everyone was shattered from early starts, travel and skiing. Turns out that Team 1 had nominated someone taste tester on for each round in the pub and he was rewarded with going to bed on arrival at the Chalet with no dinner!