TCO (Tactical Care Officers) Course

The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh

Duration: 4 Days

The Tactical Care Officer Course is based around, and is compliant with, the requirements of the National Police Firearms Training Curriculum – Module D13 (Enhanced Level). The course focuses on the provision of effective trauma management in all environments, enabling officers to provide rapid and effective life-saving interventions, where access to emergency medical services may be limited or restricted by the tactical situation.

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The training is suitable for all police officers, but particularly officers in specialist roles such as firearms, public order and surveillance and officers of the Serious and Organised Crime Agency. It will also suit officers of agencies such as the UK Border Agency and HM Revenue and Customs.

As with all Prometheus courses, the emphasis is on short lectures, high instructor to student ratios and role-related, scenario-based moulages. This course covers all of the competencies required for certification.

The Tactical Care Officer Course aims to equip police and law enforcement officers with the essential medical skills required to deliver lifesaving immediate medical care in a tactical or ‘hot zone’ situation.

Course Content

The syllabus includes:

  • Tactical Medical Support / Role of the Tactical Care Officer
  • Scene safety, initial approach / care under fire
  • Catastrophic haemorrhage / topical haemostatics
  • Airway, C-Spine and Oxygen assessment and management
  • Breathing and Chest Assessment and Management
  • Basic history taking
  • Circulation assessment and management
  • Upper limb fracture assessment and management
  • Lower limb & pelvic fracture assessment and management
  • Head, face and eye injuries assessment and management
  • Spinal injuries assessment and management
  • Abdominal injuries assessment and management
  • Ballistic and blast injury
  • Triage and principles of major incident management
  • Casualty packaging, evacuation and handover
  • Minor wounds and infection / infestation
  • Medical emergencies assessment and management
  • Environmental emergencies
  • Adult, child, infant BLS & AED and choking
  • Burns, including acid attacks, assessment and management
  • Drowning considerations (delivered with BLS/CPR)
  • Minor illness assessment and management

Entry Criteria

No prior qualifications required, though some basic first aid training would be useful. There will be some pre-course reading required.

Endorsed by

The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh

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