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The U.S. Department of Defence Chooses the SOF®TT-Wide

Many of you who work for the UK ambulance service will already be familiar with the SOF®Tactical Tourniquet-Wide (SOF®TT-W), which is the result of research and development to create a more effective, easier to use tourniquet for all environments.  Tactical Medical Solutions, manufacturer of the SOF®TT-W, has just released the following press release:

“The United States Department of Defence has ordered 30,000 SOF® Tactical Tourniquet – Wide from Tactical Medical Solutions Inc. for soldiers operating in Afghanistan.  Tactical Medical Solutions Inc. CEO Ross Johnson said “The U.S. military has been using the SOF® TT-W for years. Their choice to move it into a priority position solidifies the SOF® TT-W as the tourniquet of choice for American men and women in uniform”.

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