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Surviving Adventure - Exped Team Puts Training in Action

In March 2010, members of the Follow That Fire Engine Team attended the Surviving Adventure course as part of Prometheus' sponsorship of their epic 25,000 mile journey through 27 countries over 9 months.  The Follow That Fire Engine event aims to raise money for MacMillan Cancer Support, The Fire Fighters Charity and the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation.

Their journey began 16 days ago and on Friday they encountered the type of situation anybody undertaking an expedition dreads.  On the Latvian/Russian border, a 40 tonne articulated lorry crashed into a queue of cars, throwing some through the air and crushing others before veering off the road, down a bank and into a pylon.  The medical training they had received was put to full use as they managed the scene and adminstered first aid.  Chris Moore, one of the FTFE team said,

"We all pulled together as a team in a moment of crisis and performed professionally. .... And to Dr Malcolm Russell and the Prometheus team in Hereford, a huge thank you. Your time, training, equipment and ability was vital to us."

The following is an extract from the blog on the FTFE site: 

"It's hard to say what happened next and in no way is it ramped up to sound heroic. We just did what I think anyone would have done. Steve had organised a triage system for the injured. George and Ben were administering first aid including stemming bleeding and fitting a neck brace. Ross and I went down the bank to the two vehicles that had been flown through the air and were crushed. Putting out small fires I found a young boy alive in one of the crushed cars. With a lot of luck I managed to free him from the buckled seat and pull him out of the car before carrying him up the bank and passing him to Steve. It's now I have to say it dawned on me that we must be dealing with multiple fatalities...."

You can read the full blog here.