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Surviving Adventure Course

The Surviving Adventure course is a challenging, high-energy, hands-on experience that will give you the confidence and understanding in managing an emergency medical situation when travelling off the beaten track or in a remote environment.

The 2 day residential course consists of an intense series of interactive outdoor practicals to give you an understanding of how to react to and manage a medical emergency. These interactive sessions are interspersed with a small number of superb short lectures outlining key issues such as how to deal with illnesses caused by extreme temperatures, trauma management, and handling potential threats such as landmine risks and hostage situations.

Once the practicals and initial lectures are complete, the course progresses to a series of fully realistic exercises. These are designed to give you first-hand experience of what an emergency situation feels like, and how to manage one from start to finish. Key to the whole course is the fact that each and every lecture and scenario is presented by a medic, mountaineer or former Special Forces member who has encountered such a scenario first hand.