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Special Operations Medical Association Conference 2013

Prometheus is looking forward to exhibiting at The Special Operations Medical Association (SOMA) Scientific Assembly 2013. The conference is at the Tampa Convention Center in Florida and takes place from 14th December – 17th December 2013. Prometheus attends SOMA every year and is exhibiting for the second time.

The focus of the Prometheus display this year is the Russell Chest Seal™, an emergency chest seal with integrated valve for open chest wounds. The Russell Chest Seal™ is a hydrogel-based dressing with an integral low-profile valve. Its purpose is to cover penetrating chest wounds to allow air to escape from the pleural cavity without being drawn back in. The aim is to minimise lung collapse associated with this injury and to facilitate lung re-inflation. The main feature on the Prometheus stand will be CHESTER our CHEst Seal Test Evaluation Rig which was designed to test all available chest seals on the market by analysing the pressure required to open and close them.

In June 2013 the Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) Committee in the U.S. released an article regarding the management of open pneumothorax in TCCC. New research from the U.S. Army Institute of Surgical Research has found that the use of a vented chest seal prevented the subsequent development of a tension pneumothorax, whereas use of a non-vented chest seal did not. The updated TCCC guideline for battlefield management of open pneumothorax says: “All open and/or sucking chest wounds should be treated by immediately applying a vented chest seal to cover the defect. If a vented chest seal is not available, use a non-vented chest seal.

The results from testing all chest seals using CHESTER showed that the Russell Chest Seal™ had the lowest opening pressure than all of the other identified market leading competitors. This indicates that the Russell Chest Seal™ allows for elimination of gases and liquids from the pleural cavity sooner than other chest seals, which may help to reduce the risk of tension pneumothorax.

Prometheus believes that with these new guidelines in place, now is the right time to promote the Russell Chest Seal™ to the U.S. market. We are excited about attending the SOMA conference again this year and look forward to meeting you there. For further information on the Russell Chest Seal™ please click here.