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Queen's Awards Reception at Buckingham Palace

A couple of weeks ago Ieuan and myself received an invitation which started with "The Master of the Household has received Her Majesty's command to invite..." This was our official invitation to a reception at Buckingham Palace in honour of the Queen's Awards for Enterprise for Innovation awarded to Prometheus Medical Ltd for the Russell Chest Seal. So at 5:30pm on 14th July Ieuan and I waved our invitations and passport at the Guards at the gates of Buckingham Palace. I'm sure that the few hundred people thronging outside had come specially to get a glimpse of us.

Once through the gates we took a sneaky photo on our phone before an armed guard shouted "You cannot take photos in here, put that phone away" - too late... We walked through an archway and found ourselves in the courtyard where we were led into the Palace itself. After depositing our phones in the cloakroom we walked up the grand staircase and collected our badges. Wondering why ours had a yellow sticker on, the lady in waiting said,  "Please come this way"

By this time we had been led into three separate rooms of the Palace so wandered into a fourth, where the doors were open to the balcony. After a few glasses of Champagne and talking to several interesting fellow recipients, we were met by Princess Alexandra; a charming lady who once again seemed to know the right questions to ask. We then spent a few minutes wandering around different rooms admiring the decor, furniture and paintings. Finally the time came to leave so we collected our phones (kept the Buckingham Palace bag) and made our way back through the courtyard to the main gates. Much of the crowd had dispersed but a good few had patiently waited to see us leave.

All in all a fantastic reception, a great honour, and I was amazed at how interested and knowledgeable the Royal Family were about our company and products.