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Prometheus welcomes Dr Syed Masud to the team

Prometheus is delighted to introduce our new Senior Consultant Dr Syed Masud. Dr Syed Masud is a Consultant in Emergency Medicine, Paediatric Emergency Medicine and Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine (PHEM) – currently based at Oxford Universities NHS Foundation Trust.

Dr Masud has had extensive emergency medicine experience both within the military and within the UK.  He has worked at several UK Air Ambulance units and has led the way in several of these units in setting up physician - paramedic partnerships in delivering advanced medical care in the Pre-Hospital environment.

He was the originator of the HEMS Crew Course (HCC) and developed the UK HEMS website by himself. The HCC has become a recognised standard and the UK HEMS website remains live and is consistently used by various organisations.

In 2016 Dr Masud graduated from the famous Hendon Police College, qualifying as a police officer for the Metropolitan Police Service in London; making him the only EM & PHEM consultant who is a warranted police officer within the UK.

Dr Masud is also the only doctor to have been nominated more than once for the UK National Air Ambulance Awards, having been nominated for HEMS Doctor of the year in 2014, 2015 and winning it in 2017.

Prometheus is extremely excited to have Dr Masud on board and look forward to the future.