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Prometheus Tree Project – May 2013 Update

In early 2009, we planted 1000 native British trees at our company home in Herefordshire.  We did this to create a bit more biodiversity and make a small step towards improving the environment in which we live.  Previously the ground was simple mono-culture grass (grazing).  The planted trees, in their deer-proof protectors, looked horrendous to start with.  A green field full of tall plastic tubes, it didn’t exactly feel like the Garden of Eden (Prometheus Tree Project, 2009). 

Four years on and our young trees and shrubs are bursting into leaf and blossom.  Finally the plants seem to present a bigger mass than the plastic tubes.  A few casualties occurred along the way, but not very many.  Underneath the trees, the grass has become wilder with a ‘thatch’ developing – ideal for voles to create a home in.  Next stop may be an owl-nesting box.