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Prometheus Tree Project

The whole Prometheus team is committed to supporting the environment and in the last two weeks we have completed a major project that will promote biodiversity and all the benefits that brings.  In a co-funded venture with the Woodland Trust we have planted nearly a thousand native British trees and shrubs on our training estate in Herefordshire.

On an area that was previously laid to grass, we have planted the following:

  • 320 Ash
  • 160 Pedunculate Oak 
  • 120 Common Alder 
  • 80 Silver Birch
  • 40 Wild Cherry
  •  40 Field Maple
  •  16 Hornbeam
  •  16 Rowan
  •  8 Crab Apple
  • 50 Hazel
  • 25 Dogwood
  • 25 Hawthorn
  • 25 Alder Buckthorn
  • 25 Guelder Rose

At the moment our new woodland is a forest (sorry) of biodegradable tree protectors, necessary, because of the local abundance of fallow deer.  It looks anything other than natural just now but, especially with the faster growing species like the Ash, within a few years we hope we will have a rich and diverse small patch of woodland. 

We recognise that this is only a small contribution to a globally massive problem, and we’re not so hypocritical that we don’t realise that there’s lots more we could and should be doing for the environment, but this is a step in the right direction in a world with ever-increasing manmade burden.  Every journey begins with a single step (even one shrouded in biodegradable plastic).