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Prometheus Supports Cavell Nurses Trust

Prometheus is delighted to support the Cavell Nurses Trust.

Set up in the legacy of WW1 nurse Edith Cavell, The Cavell Nurses’ Trust is a Midlands-based charity that provide welfare advice and financial support to retired and working nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants during times of difficulty. The Trust also recognises and celebrates nursing and midwifery students through their annual scholarship awards, with prizes of up to £2000 to use on work placements overseas.

The Mt Cavell Challenge in Canada took place over August with 70 people taking on 7 days of challenges for 1 cause. The challenge of a lifetime to commemorate one hundred years since the execution of Nurse Edith Cavell in World War One and to raise awareness for Cavell Nurses’ Trust which looks after today’s nurses in crisis.

Fundraising continues across the UK the Cavell Nurses’ Trust has now launched Moment of Thanks in response to an overwhelming amount of the British public who say that nurses are underappreciated for the work they do. Research showed that 90% of the British public think nurses are underappreciated and more than half (57%) think they are the most underappreciated workers in the UK. In response, Cavell Nurses’ Trust wanted to give people a platform to be able to say a simple thank you to nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants.

Cavell Nurses’ Trust think that saying thank you to nurses is really important, especially now, at a time when the NHS and its staff are under a lot of pressure.  It’s important that nurses know they’re appreciated for the great support that they give us throughout our whole lives. From childbirth through to caring for us in old age, nurses are there, often going above and beyond their call of duty with the offer of a cup of tea, a hand on the shoulder or even a well-timed chat; all these things can make a difficult experience a more bearable one. The problem is that all too often people don’t get a chance to thank them which is how this campaign can help.  

Hundreds of people have already shared their Moments of Thanks on social media using #MomentofThanks and the target is for 1000 ‘thank yous’ by Christmas .

You can pre-register your interest for a challenge in 2016 or any other events being held by Cavell Nurses’ Trust, please contact, events@cavellnursestrust.org or call 01527 595999.