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Prometheus Supports 2016 Mongol Derby

Prometheus is delighted to be supporting the 2016 Mongol Derby for another year through the provision of deployed medics, medical equipment, and remote medical support.

The Mongol Derby is the longest and toughest horse race in the world. The 1000km course recreates Ghengis Khaan's legendary empire-busting postal system, with riders changing horse every 40km, and living with herders or camping under the stars.

Each year around 40 professional, semi-professional and enthusiastic amateur riders compete against each other for the derby crown. To stand a chance of finishing riders must balance survival skills and horsemanship. To stand a chance of winning an extra level of determination and no small amount of luck is required. Enduring the elements, semi-wild horses, as well as unfamiliar food and terrain; completing the derby is an achievement few can boast.

This year’s race will commence on Thursday 4th August, the final race day will be Sunday 14th August. Our medics will be sending through daily blogs which will be uploaded onto our website blog page to keep everyone up to date.  

We wish the riders every success and look forward to hearing from our medics on a daily basis.

For more information about the event please visit the Adventurists website: http://www.theadventurists.com/mongol-derby/