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Prometheus Sponsors Mongol Rally team, ‘The Old Blues Brothers’

Prometheus is delighted to be supporting the ‘Old Blues Brothers’, who are attempting the Mongol Rally this year. In July and August, Ian McCurdie and Paul Chambers are attempting to complete the 10,000 mile journey, which will see them travel through 18 countries, 5 mountain ranges, 3 deserts over approximately 6 weeks.

The Mongol Rally took place for the first time in 2004 when 6 teams took part and only 4 finished. In 2010, 330 vehicles took part and more than £370,000 was raised. The fastest team to complete the rally only took 7 days and the slowest team to complete it was 100 days - last year 22% of entrants never finished.

The team will experience temperatures ranging from -10 degrees to +50 degrees Celcius. There are specific rules on what vehicles can and cannot be used as part of the rally, e.g. the engine must be below 1.2 litres and the car must be no older than 10 years. The Old Blues Brothers have chosen a 54 plate Smart car that already has 140,000 miles on the clock.

Ian McCurdie, after training to become a Doctor, served 20 years as an Army medic, which included several years as a Consultant at The Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre, Headley Court. He is a sports doctor and has been involved with various teams, one of which is the British Olympic Team for 5 Olympic games and Chief Medical Officer for the last 3, including London 2012. Previously, he has been involved with Team England at 2 Commonwealth Games and Chelsea FC for 3 seasons.

Paul Chambers runs a small, successful boutique Executive Search Firm based in the City of London. He has been married for 26 years, has 4 children and lives in an Essex village on the Hertfordshire/Essex border.

Prometheus is providing the team with 24-hour ‘Reach-back™’ to their highly skilled doctors and other medical professionals via satellite during the entire expedition. This will enable the team to receive real-time advice on dealing with even the most demanding of medical situations. The Team have also been provided a small vehicle trauma pack to carry with them on the rally.

The team begin the rally on 14th July from Dover Castle in Kent. Their chosen charity is CRY (Cardiac Risk in the Young). CRY raises awareness, invests in research and provides screening facilities to young people at risk. Every week in the UK, 12 apparently fit and healthy young people aged 35 and under die from undiagnosed cardiac conditions.

The rally is organised by the Adventurists whose chosen charity, CoolEarth, is fighting to save the rain forests and stop harmful deforestation around the world. More information on this charity can be found here.

Prometheus wishes the team the best of luck with the Rally. For more information on the Mongol Rally or their chosen charity, please visit the team’s website here.