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Prometheus Sponsors Greenland Kite Skiing Expedition

Prometheus is pleased to be sponsoring Polar Ice, a 2400km kite skiing expedition across Greenland. Simon Edmundson and Tim Tottenham are travelling unsupported south to north on Greenland’s ice cap, raising money for Dallaglio Foundation Rugby for Change and MAG (Mines Advisory Group).

Their permit for the expedition starts on 15th April 2013 and expect it to last approximately 1 month. Both Simon and Tim will be pulling sleds, weighing approximately 125kg at the beginning of the expedition, containing all equipment, food and fuel to enable them to be fully self-sufficient for up to 45 days. They have planned to allow 5000 Kcal of food and 0.3 litres of fuel per person per day. The expedition will take place in polar conditions and the team have planned for temperatures as low as -40°C.

Team leader Simon Edmundson, 33, has been involved in expeditions all over the world including Nepal, Iceland, The Magnetic North Pole, Pakistan and Alaska. He is currently on a 1 year sabbatical from his job with Schlumberger, an oilfield service company. The second member of the team is Tim Tottenham, 34, who served in the Royal Marines for a period of 5 years and is now a Royal Marine Reserve. Both Simon and Tim were part of the winning team of the Polar Challenge, 2006 and were involved in an east to west kite skiing expedition attempt in Greenland 2010.

The planning for the expedition began about a year ago when the team had the initial idea. The motivation to complete this expedition has come from the team’s enjoyment of outdoor activities since they were younger and Simon said that they “see this trip as a culmination of previous activities and experience”. The team is raising money for their two chosen charities, Dallaglio Foundation Rugby for Change and MAG, and hope to raise a sum of £30,000. Simon said that the reason they selected MAG is that they have both “seen first-hand the effects of landmines left over from conflict”. Simon has seen this during his time in West Africa, specifically Angola and Tim has seen during his service in the Royal Marines in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Simon also said that “The Dallaglio Foundation, Rugby for change have set up something which is being proven to help young people make better choices”. The reason for the team selecting this charity is that they “feel that in the UK today it’s too easy for young people to make the wrong choices”.

Prometheus is providing the team with 24-hour ‘Reach-back™’ to their highly skilled doctors and other medical professionals via satellite during the entire expedition. This will enable the team to receive real-time advice on dealing with even the most demanding of medical situations.

We wish the team the best of luck with the expedition and will provide updates on their progress throughout their time in Greenland. A link to the team’s website containing further information and links to donate can be found by clicking here.