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Prometheus Sponsor The Mongol Derby 2012

Prometheus is pleased to be a regular sponsor of the Mongol Derby, which is the world’s longest endurance horse race, created by The Adventurists, who are “fighting to make the world less boring”.  25 riders embark on a 1000km multi-horse race, making their way across the mighty Mongolian wilderness, replicating the network of Chinggis Khann’s postal system. 1000 semi-wild Mongolian horses are gathered and trained from local nomadic herding families and breeders, who all reside along the 1000km track. There is a succession of horse stations every 40km or so, which are dotted through the hills and steppe and will be used for the riders to change horse and rejuvenate themselves with food, water and a place to sleep. The race begins on the 7th August and lasts for 10 full days, ending on the 20th August.

Due to the nature of such a dangerous and unpredictable event, Prometheus has provided the Mongol Derby with both financial and medical assistance for the past three years and is looking forward to doing so again this year.