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Prometheus RTC Instructors Compete at World Rescue Challenge

Following their success in 2012, where the Bridgend Extrication Team were crowned UKRO champions, the team have had another successful year.

Bridgend Extrication Team,  which includes our RTC instructors Shaun Moody and Mark Sanderson, competed in a regional challenge in Avon FRS, and successfully won the event. This was followed by the Welsh Regional Challenge, a very well supported event with teams from Porthcawl and Malpas attending from South Wales Fire and Rescue Service, and another 6 leading teams from UK Fire and Rescue Services. They also won the South Wales and Wales Inter-Service Extrication Challenge, with Shaun winning the best Incident Commander of the Challenge.

Though Hampshire took the crown this year at the UKRO Challenge, the Bridgend Team continued to maintain high standards, being  placed 2nd overall, and achieving success with 1st position in the Complex Scenario and 2nd place Medic.

The pinnacle of 2013 was the World Rescue Challenge, held in the USA in October.  The event, which was run over 4 days in temperatures in excess of 85°, was attended by 30 teams from all around the world. Bridgend came a very close 2nd place overall, achieving 1st award for Complex Scenario, a 1st award for Incident Commander, and another 1st award for Medic.

The skills and experience that comes from taking part in the challenges has aided and assisted with the development of training packages, operational procedures and the provision of equipment for dealing with road traffic incidents.

Prometheus would like to congratulate the Bridgend Extrication Team on their achievements in all of these events and wish them the very best of luck for future competitions.