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Prometheus Proud to Sponsor Air Ambulance Team Award

Prometheus was proud to sponsor the Air Ambulance Team Award at the November Ambulance Service Institute Awards.

Hosted by Baroness Browning in the Cholmondeley Room and Terrace at the House of Lords, over 100 guests attended the ceremony to acknowledge the excellent work carried out by inspiring individuals from the Emergency Services, Private, Public, Voluntary, and Military services.

The winner of The Air Ambulance Team Award was the Midlands Air Ambulance Service for an incident at Lucton, Herefordshire earlier this year.

On the 14th February 2012, Helimed 03 (HM03) was called to a serious Road Traffic Collision, in which a car and a tractor were involved in a collision.

Once dispatched and en route, the HM03 were receiving updates from the solo paramedic responder that, of the 5 occupants, 2 were deceased and 2 seriously injured children were trapped in the rear of the car.

The air desk, due to the nature of the call, made the excellent decision to dispatch Helimed 06 from Strensham as well. Prometheus’ CEO and local Basics Doctor, Malcolm Russell, was also dispatched.

A third helicopter, Helimed 09, was later dispatched as the real extent of the accident came to light.

This was both an emotional and technically difficult case, which utilized multiple resources and, unusually all three Midlands Air Ambulances. The sadness felt by all involved over the deaths of the mother and eldest son are perhaps balanced by the successful, effective and rapid treatment of the two surviving boys who will hopefully make a full recovery and come to terms with such a terrible day.

Without the fantastic team effort by The West Midlands Ambulance Service, Midlands Air Ambulance and all of the other Emergency services on scene, the outcome could have been much worse for all involved in this tragic event.

Prometheus would like to congratulate the Midlands Air Ambulance Team on their outstanding service during this incident, and give particular commendation to Dr Nick Crombie (Cosford), Paramedic Greg Ambler (Strensham), Paramedic Ian Roberts (Strensham), Capt Mark Dennis (Strensham Pilot), Paramedic Claire Brooks (Tattenhill), Paramedic Stef Cormack (Cosford), Paramedic Faye Mason (Tattenhill), Katie Howse (Air Desk in Emergency Operations Centre at Brierley Hill) and Dr Malcolm Russell, who made up the team directly involved in the accident at Lucton.