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Prometheus METHANE app is now free!

A few weeks ago, we launched our Incident Management Toolkit (IMT) METHANE app and have had a lot of interest, uptake and positive feedback.  Thanks for all your comments which have been very helpful. 

We’re committed to supporting our emergency services colleagues and are passionate about improving patient care.  As a team, we feel strongly that this app has the potential to make a real difference but we’ve realised that it’s individuals who’ve been buying it, rather than organisations.  It’s not ideal that it’s down to the enthusiasts out there to fund this themselves so we’ve decided to make the app free.  No strings attached. No adverts.

If you have paid for the app, please contact us and we can explain how we can refund you.

Please encourage others to use the app, and do keep giving us feedback.

Read more about the METHANE app here: METHANE Instructions


Download app for your IPhone here: METHANE app

Download app for your Android here: METHANE app

Tech support: METHANE Support — Junction Seven

JESIP: http://www.jesip.org.uk/ 

MIMMS: http://www.alsg.org/uk/MIMMS