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Prometheus is Awarded Contract to Supply HART Medical Packs

We are delighted to have recently been awarded the contract to supply HART medical packs.  The contract, for a minimum of 3 years, will be facilitated through the West Midlands Ambulance Service Trust framework on behalf of the National Ambulance Resilience Unit (NARU), which is available for all UK Ambulance Services to procure from directly.

NARU contributes to the Civil Contingencies Secretariat’s national Capabilities Programme and the strategic intent of NHS Preparedness. Working with NHS Ambulance Services, its aim is to ensure the effective and efficient coordination of the implementation of government policies related to national resilience, to enhance pre-hospital clinical response capabilities, and thereby improve patient outcomes following disruptive challenges or threats to public health.

Dr Malcolm Russell, CEO commented, “Prometheus came into being shortly before the HART pilot project began in London in 2006, and the design and supply of medical equipment for HART was one of the first pieces of commerce that we ever did.  We have worked closely with the Department of Health ever since and have shared our passion for innovation, medical excellence and medical support in the hostile environment ever since.  We see the award of this new contract as giving us the opportunity to continue to support the Department of Health and the many HART teams well into the future and we wish the project the continued success that it deserves.”