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New Product - Available in the UK from 31st January 2012

Prometheus Medical Ltd launches a novel product: The Russell Chest Seal™ - an innovative dressing for the emergency management of penetrating chest wounds

Prometheus has spent two years developing Dr Malcolm Russell’s invention for a new dressing for the management of open pneumothorax into the Russell Chest Seal™ which we expect will be available for clinical use in early 2012.  The dressing sought to address all the areas where failings had been experienced from other devices and produce a simple, effective and cost-effective product.

The Russell Chest Seal™ is a hydrogel-based dressing with an integral low-profile valve.  Its purpose is to cover penetrating chest wounds to allow air to escape from the pleural cavity without being drawn back in.  The aim is to minimise lung collapse associated with this injury and to facilitate lung re-inflation.

The base material of the Russell Chest Seal™ is the same hydrogel material used in our Nightingale™ dressing which makes an excellent airtight and secure seal.  It has been thoroughly tested and proven on military operations and adheres effectively to sweaty and hairy skin.  It will remain adhered over many hours and is comfortable for the patient in prolonged use.

Another component that makes the Russell Chest Seal™ unique is its valve mechanism.  It is constructed from a thin but tough material which makes it very compliant. This allows it to open and close with very small changes in pressure (2O).  The valve is quite transparent so the dressing can be positioned accurately over the wound.  A large base aperture gives some latitude for inaccurate placement in high stress environments.  Four peripheral apertures are large enough (36Fr) to allow blood to escape if necessary without blocking the valve.   The four apertures provide substantial redundancy: if up to three of the four holes become obstructed the valve will still remain fully operational.

The Russell Chest Seal™ has a unique low profile and flexibility.  It is supplied in a pre-folded form to make it easy to stow into medical packs.  In low light conditions, the valve can be ‘felt’ to be working making it ideal for military operations.

At 20cm x 15cm, the Russell Chest Seal™ is one of the largest chest seals currently available.


  • Fast, easy and intuitive to apply
  • Patented hydrogel base - Sticks and Stays Stuck!™
  • 4 large peripheral apertures allow drainage of air and blood
  • Large central hole in base material allows quick, accurate placement with reduced risk of obstructing the wound opening
  • Low profile and highly flexible
  • Compact: easy to pack into medical kit