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MARS Attends Accident near Titley - 31 October 2008

Dr David Houston attended a serious RTC on 31 Oct 08 on the B4355 near Titley, Herefordshire where a car had been in collision with a building, resulting in the driver being entrapped by his left leg.  Four Fire crews removed the vehicle’s roof and worked hard to release the casualty on the chilly evening, taking nearly two hours before he was finally freed from the wreckage.  Dr Houston provided a Hypothermia Prevention & Management Kit (HPMK) to prevent the casualty from developing hypothermia.  The self-heating blanket, warming to 52 degrees Celsius for up to 6 hours, made all the difference to the casualty’s condition and prevented his deterioration.  Dr Houston treated the casualty with Paramedics before he was transferred to Hereford County Hospital.