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iPark, Stavanger attracts International MedTech company creating new opportunities

Prometheus Medical Nordic is a newly established innovation MedTech company who deliver unique medical emergency support in the form of training and equipment. The company’s purposes are research, development and sale of medical products, education and services. The company is a subsidiary of the international company Prometheus Medical Ltd who also have subsidiaries in Scotland, Ireland, Australia, South Africa, The Middle East (Qatar and UAE) and now for the first time also in Scandinavia.

The company was established in August 2016 as an incubator company at Innovasjonspark Stavanger, Ipark. Behind this commitment are Medical Doctor and associated Professor at the University of Stavanger Nils Petter Oveland and Validé AS who is the local Technology Transfer Office and Inkubator in Rogaland.

“The establishment of Prometheus Medical Nordic is important in a region focussing on health care. The close cooperation between the University of Stavanger, Stavanger University Hospital and Validé has been crucial in making this happen. The fact that an international company is looking to Stavanger for the establishment of their Nordic branch probably roots in our focus on early advanced acute medical care combined with a well-established innovation community around Validé” states CEO of Prometheus Medical Nordic, Nils Petter Oveland.

The University is also focusing more on healthcare with the new Faculty of Health coming in 2017 and the increased interest in medical technology. Stavanger will also have a new hospital in 2023, so the timing for a MedTech start-up could not have been better. Oveland is looking forward to hiring two new employees and hopes that future growth can create an environment for health industry at Ipark and in the region.

Ann Cathrin Østebø, CEO of Validé, also commented: “For Validé this establishment is important. It shows that international communities within health services are looking to our region and we are establishing new opportunities to develop new products together with local and international businesses. We have already sold/licensed a product of Prometheus Medical in the UK, and there could be more”.

Dr Malcolm Russell (CEO, Prometheus Medical UK), Nils Petter Oveland (CEO, Prometheus Medical Nordic), Kevin Gallagher (COO, Prometheus Medical UK)