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The Independent newspaper features Surviving Adventure

The Traveller section of The Independent on Saturday 26th April 2008 features a one-page article on Prometheus' Survivng Adventure Course.

"A new course teaches would-be adventurers how to cope in times of extreme medical emergency. Mark Harris enrols for a weekend of simulated carnage in Herefordshire."

"...forget calmly applying triangular bandages to dummies in the classroom, the Surviving Adventure weekend with Prometheus Medical throws you right in at the deep end."

"Surviving Adventure is based around a series of "moulages" - scenarios where instructors take the part of victims, complete with convincing props, vocal performances and buckets and buckets of artificial blood. There's little warning about when casualties might appear or what injuries to expect, although rest assured you'll get plenty of opportunities to apply dressings, take pulses and even use some more esoteric bits of medical equipment."

The Independent, Saturday 26 April 2008.