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Graham Bell of 'High Altitude' attends Surviving Adventure Course

Before launching the High Altitude series, Graham Bell came to Prometheus Medical to receive expert tuition in first aid in remote and wild areas, by taking part in the acclaimed 'Surviving Adventure' course.  This gave Graham the skills to use in minimising the risk of cold injury and hypothermia whilst filming in the mountains, and also the skills to provide effective first aid should one of his team become seriously ill or injured in the wilderness. 

Graham said, "When you are filming on a glacier in Patagonia 3 hours walk from the nearest refuge and a further 6 hours drive from the nearest hospital, even a relatively minor medical emergency can turn potentially life threatening.  The Prometheus Medical course teaches first aid for those situations when you can't just dial 999 and expect help to be minutes away.  By throwing you in at the deep end with all too real looking scenarios, the procedures you learn, covering a whole range of casualties, really stick in the memory."