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Follow that Fire Engine!

FOLLOW THAT FIRE ENGINE is an awe inspiring expedition that has never been attempted before. A crew of friends plan to achieve Guinness World Record status by circumnavigating the globe... in a fire engine!

The crew will drive a fire engine an impressive 25,000 miles, through 27 countries, over 7 months, covering gruelling terrain, inhospitable territories and in extreme temperature conditions. The vast distances and many unknowns of the expedition will be both physically demanding and mentally challenging. Most days the crew will spend over 10 hours on the road.

The crew will be driving a Mercedes 1124 AF. The truck is designed for short, quick journeys. It will provide plenty of storage space, essential for the camping equipment and supplies required to be on the road for 7 long months. However, the fire engine is not designed for comfort or speed, so it's certain to be a bumpy ride.

Overnight accommodation will be a similarly no-frills experience as the crew plan to camp out wherever possible. In towns and cities where pitching a tent is not possible the crew hope to stay with welcoming locals and, in the process, discover and learn as much as they can about the different countries that they will be passing through.

Undertaking such a physically demanding and gruelling journey, through unfamiliar terrain, there is always the added potential of hazards such as road traffic collisions, injury etc and Prometheus is delighted to be sponsoring them by providing them with medical training (VIPER, Surviving Adventure and our RTC Management and Casualty Extrication course), 24 hour 'Reachback' to our medical support team, and medical equipment to offset these increased risks.

100% of money raised will go to three charities through the FOLLOW THAT FIRE ENGINE CHARITY. Shipping, fuel and living expenses will all be funded by the crew members.