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First Ever Cadaver Lab in UAE

On the 3rd of Sep, 2015, the University of Sharjah Medical and Health Sciences College hosted the first ever tissue-based Trauma Resuscitation Lab in the United Arab Emirates. The Lab, run by Teleflex and Prometheus Medical (MENA) gave Emergency and Critical Care Clinicians the opportunity to undertake a number of life-saving procedures in the most realistic environment possible. Procedures covered included management of cardiac, chest and airway injuries, intraosseous access with the EZ-IO® device and the use of the newly launched Russell Pneumofix®. The course was led by two international speakers, Dr Chris Ross of the American College of Emergency Physicians and Dr Mamoun Abu-Habsa, Consultant in Major Trauma at Kings College Hospital, London and Medical Director for Prometheus MENA. A Dubai based clinician described it as "the best medical training day I have had since I qualified over 20 years ago”. Dr Abu-Habsa expressed his delight at the level of engagement and enthusiasm displayed by local clinicians. 37 guests attended from all over the UAE and Qatar, which was a great success. Feedback was excellent; please see below a couple of comments we received back; “The course was well run and skills taught professionally.” “Very good course and the techniques shown were very relevant”. “Good location and facilities” “It was a very humbling experience that has greatly improved my confidence in my clinical skills.” “It was a fantastic day of learning. As an ALS provider I would highly recommend this course. Well done to all those involved in bringing it to the UAE” Teleflex and Prometheus Medical are already planning the next event for March 2016 as part of their long-term commitment to world-class skill and knowledge transfer and scientific collaboration with the Gulf Cooperation Council.