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First Aid Course: Bandages, broken bones and bangs in Herefordshire

Prometheus' Surviving Adventure Course is reviewed in Adventure Travel Magazine May/June 2008.

"You like to get away from it all and trek far from the madding crowd. Make sure that if anything unplanned and unpleasant happens to you or your trek mates, you're prepared for it. Lara Dunn takes a lesson from the experts on a 'Surviving Adventure' first aid course.

"Surviving Adventure is the name of the course, and without a doubt the name of the game with Prometheus Medical's offering. From the outset, the differences from other similar courses are clear. Although the same crucial basics are dealt with, you don't usually get taught to staunch the flow of a gushing wound by ex-special forces who have helped save the lives of casualties all over the world. The tuition here is from individuals who have experienced some of the most extreme first aid situations in some of the most hostile environments on the planet.

"The climax of the weekend's tuition is the night exercise on the Saturday night. When most people are enjoying a pint or two at the pub, volunteers will be charging into the night, in search of a whole new class of scenario. Too much information would spoil the impact, but suffice it to say, all your new learnt skills will be tested to the max."

Adventure Travel - Issue 75 May/June 2008

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