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Dr David Houston Returns from GO-60 Expedition

Having successfully completed Leg 2 of the Land Rover GO 60 Expedition in aid of the Red Cross, Dr David Houston returns home. "The trip was an experience that I knew would be both immensely enjoyable and hard work as we travelled overland from Moscow to Almaty in Kazaksthan in 17 days covering over 3,500 miles in Land Rover Defenders and Discovery 3 vehicles.

"My job was to ensure everyone returned safely and was treated for any illness or injury along the away. The only injury sustained was by myself when we swapped our vehicles for horses after meeting a horse-backed shepherd and I was caught out by the sharp-edged dashboard of the saddle.”

Another benefit of undertaking the expedition is that it served to validate the training and equipment that Prometheus provide. The Land Rover employees all undertook the two-day Surviving Adventure course in Hereford that was supplemented with bespoke training for situations such as border crossings and casualty extrication from a vehicle using minimal equipment.

“In additional to providing medical support, I made sure that the team had safe drinking water and emergency satellite communications. The JWP water purification system proved to be a reliable and efficient way of producing clean drinking water for the group. But the real winner was being able to quickly and easily establish internet access and a phone line in the middle of nowhere at any time of the day using the Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN). Once set up, I was suddenly everyone’s best friend!”

It was a huge challenge for the team as they were on the whole unsupported in remote locations in a harsh environment.

“I think that this expedition demonstrates that even with a group of novice adventurers, good planning and preparation, along with the support from Prometheus Medical, a potentially hazardous expedition can go smoothly without incident or accident. And of course with a large amount of good luck!”

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