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Doctor returns from Dallaglio Cycle Slam

Dr Simon Morris and his team of physiotherapists and sports masseuse have recently returned from supporting the Dallaglio Cycle Slam - a 2700 mile cycle ride to all 6 Nation stadia in aid of Sport Relief. Reflecting on his time there he wrote:

"Phew. Finished, completed, home.  3000k across 7 countries, over 250 different cyclists throughout, more than 15 major sporting celebrities all home safely.

5 different physios and masseuse, but only one doctor !

We ran fitness to cycle clinics at daybreak, looked after everyone en route and treated injuries, aching bones and muscles after sunset.  We braved snow, sleet, hail, torrential rain but some days there was blue sky, the sun shone, and made it all worth while.

Injuries included a broken elbow, thumb, neck and back problems galore, painful tighs, knees, calves, even a potentially fractured neck.  We treated over 200 people, handed out over 1000 tablets, cleaned people up, stretched them out.

We kept as many people on the road as is humanely possible, to help in the combined goal of raising over £1 million for people less fortunate than ourselves. Throughout all this, the kit from Prometheus was invaluable, and highly regarded by our 5 different physios, sports masseuse and myself, the doctor.

 The travelling circus has disbanded................for now !"