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Prometheus Bleed Control Kit - Lion's Club

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Prometheus Medical have teamed up with Lions Clubs International in promoting the presence of Bleed Control Kits across numerous locations.

The Lions Club is one of the world’s largest voluntary community service and humanitarian organization, providing aid and support to local, national and international projects - one of which being the Prometheus & Daniel Baird ‘Control the Bleed’ campaign.

Member of Lions Club of Bletchley, Milton Keynes, Zita Pascoe, heard about the Bleed Control Kits, and has since been instigating the Lions Club’s involvement, so far resulting in approval for promoting the Bleed Control Kits for the local areas of Milton Keynes, Bletchley, and areas within District 105A Zone J.

The Lions Club logo now features on some of the Prometheus Bleed Control Kits. The Lions Club of Bletchley hopes to encourage other Lions Clubs to promote the Bleed Control Kits, across their network, allowing the kits to be present in as many publicly accessible places as possible.

For every Bleed Control Kit sold, a donation of £5 will be given to the Daniel Baird Foundation.

Working with the Lions Club has meant that their ethos towards community support has been illustrated throughout the course of this campaign:

‘Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much’.


  • Prometheus Trauma Dressing - Designed to control moderate bleeding
  • ChitoGauze® XR Pro - A haemostatic gauze dressing that is very effective, designed to control moderate to very severe haemorrhage
  • Russell Chest Seal® - An innovative dressing for emergency management of penetrating chest wounds
  • SOF® Tactical Tourniquet Wide - The latest evolution of the SOFTT-W tourniquet 
  • Nitrile Gloves - Personal protection
  • Scissors

Key Features

  • Effective products
  • Internal zipped pouches for easy organisation of the equipment
  • Hi-Visibility red fabric for rapid identification
  • Lightweight
  • Grab handle

Product Code

  • PR0252LC

Product Code

  • PR0252LC