Medical Risk Management Solution

Prometheus Medical International is attending the Hillhead Quarrying, Construction & Recycling show on June 26th in Buxton.

Our business development manager, Chris Read, who has a wealth of experience of medical risk management, is eager to connect with health and safety managers to give a brief overview of how Prometheus’ emergency medical response provision aligns with the sector.

Chris is currently in discussions with a number of manufacturing companies that have identified gaps in their medical emergency response provision. He has ascertained their specific needs in terms of training, clinical governance, and supported decision-making using telemedicine to provide a tailor-made solution. He has a keen interest in engaging with manufacturers of heavy plant and machinery in the UK, as well as site construction service companies.

Meet Chris Read

Drawing from a background in heavy haulage and recovery from a family business, Chris is well-versed in plant and machinery within the extractables sector, coupled with technical expertise in fire mitigation on engines. Prior to joining Prometheus Medical International, Chris accrued 10 years of experience in a leading insulation and fire protection business.

Protecting your staff

Given that the manufacturing space often adheres to the HSE guidance of “First Aid at Work,” which limits businesses to rely on emergency services, there is a growing need to equip and empower the right individuals at the right place and time. This is particularly crucial as response times of emergency services have been increasing in recent years. Prometheus offers a range of solutions to enhance the skills of workers, provide clinical operating frameworks, and supported decision-making, thereby empowering the on-ground team to save and safeguard lives.

Would you like to meet Chris at the show? Give him a call now to make an appointment: +44(0)7534 305504