SIMBODIES are a believable simulated patient training tool for medical educators and clinicians using manikin based education training. They have the look and feel of real skin and weighted accurately with movable limbs. They are produced from medical grade silicone which give a flexible and skin like appearance. SIMBODIES also have clinical capabilities, including an accurate life cast cadaver airway with jaw and teeth. All SIMBODIES are hand finished to create life like skin texture and colour, body hair and eyes; this is what makes medical students believe they are treating real-life casualties.

SIMBODIES can be male, female or children, features can be changed including eye and hair colour, skin tone. They can also have amputations, large cavity wounds that can be packable, burns, fractures and catheterisation.

For more information visit the SIMBODIES website.

Key Features

  • No electronic working parts, therefore no electrical failures
  • Capable of airway management; can be intubated and ventilated
  • Steel frame, can be placed in a supported sitting position
  • Flexible silicone ribcage – BLS
  • Nostril available for Nasogastric intubation
  • Needle decompression: 2nd intercostal space at the Midclavicular line (front) and 5th intercostal space at the Interior Axillary line
  • Ability to perform IO access to bilateral humeral head and tibia
  • Bluetooth speaker to emit voice and breath sounds (optional)
  • Splashproof and washable skin
  • Skin tone options

SIMBODIES Adult Male  

  • Age: 30-40
  • Clothing size: Medium/large
  • Height 5’10”
  • Shoe size: UK 10 US 11

SIMBODIES Adult Female

  • Age: 20-30
  • Clothing size: UK 14
  • Height 5’7”
  • Shoe size: UK 7 US 9.5

SIMBODIES Child             

  • Age: 9-10
  • Clothing size: 9-10
  • Height 4’2”
  • Shoe size: UK 1 US 2

SIMBODIES Baby             

  • Age: 4 weeks
  • Clothing size: Newborn